"curtains and roman blinds. Nicola was amazing, she helped with every aspect and advised me to get the desired look. A very friendly lady. I would definitely recommend Nicola. 10 out of 10 for service, workmanship, fitting and fabric. time taken 2-3 weeks."
Josie Knottingley
"Roman blinds, pelmets and curtains. Nicola is a very friendly lady, who gives a very personal service. Always obliges help with decisions and advice. I always use Nicola. I have used several fabrics, my latest was a velvet and its lovely. 10 out 10 for service, workmanship, fitting and fabric. Time taken: 7-10 days."
Mrs A Bolton Knottingley
"Nicola was outstanding in helping us chose the correct fabric, the right colour and trim bead to suit our home. we are having 2 more blinds made by Nicola. we have had a lot of people comment on how beautiful the blinds etc look. how would you rate Nicola out of on 10 service:                10 workmanship:    10 fitting:                  10 fabric:                   10 time taken:    2-3 weeks"
lesley and David Pontefract
"Nicola was fun to work with, professional, informative, knew extensively about fabrics and worked her magic using my wooly ideas and her expertise of interiors to create some beautiful curtains that really shows the character that I wanted. I am looking forward with working with her again on other rooms."
Mrs C
"Nicola and Moureen have transformed every room they have put curtains and blinds into. They are an amazing team and we are delighted with all the results and their quality of workmanship."

Welcome to Simply Sew

Simply sew is a family run business. Maureen mills, my mum, is the founding member and has been making curtains and blinds since 1989. In 2012 I joined forces with my mother. Together our partnership has expanded the simply sew business. The simply sew shop in Pontefract came to life in 2016 when I outgrew my workroom at my home. I take great pride in the homily atmosphere at the shop where you can come and discuss your needs in detail; what style of fabrics you like I can guide you in choosing the fabrics that suite you from my wide range of fabric books I keep in stock. These include Clarke & Clark, Prestigious Textiles, Iliv, Chatsworth curtains and a Yorkshire wool company Martin mills. Once you have picked out your chosen fabric, we will then set a time and day where I will bring the sample to your home, take some measurements and discuss what happens next.

I always aim to have your curtains ready within 4 weeks of the initial measurement. However, there may be unexpected delays and in busy seasons this can be slightly longer than expected. In addition to the long run business of curtains and blinds we also design cushions to match and contrast our curtains depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Lastly, we also provide bespoke doorstops that are designed to your specification. Our most popular forms are The Cat and Dog door stop. Everything in the shop is handmade, from the doorstops to the peg bags, fabric bowls and the pin cushions

How To Find Us

Pontefract Town Centre

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